About Us

Our Journey

The journey of Orense Natural Skincare began with love of plants and nature from one florist in Sydney. She feels happiness and healing through the natural fragrance of flowers and plants. With growing and deeper interest in the environment and nature, she sought out things that were more eco-friendly in daily living. After forming a family and becoming a mother of lovely twin girls, her concern became even greater. Knowing that the majority cosmetic products and detergents on the market are full of harmful chemicals and additives, she was neither happy nor satisfied with the experience. She loves the fragrance from nature but never uses perfume so she formed new handcrafted natural skincare using the natural ingredients and healthy aromas from essential oils - Orense Natural Skincare. 

Our Vision

Experience our unique handcrafted castile soap and natural skincare products, created by the aesthetics of slowness and waiting. “Seed of Life, Forest of Life” ORENSE vision is to restore the original and create a healthy culture in life for us and future generations. We promote your spiritual and physical wellness.

Our Mission

‘The more natural, the more comfortable.’ It is simple, not complicated. If the product is made of pure and clean ingredients, it effectively performs its function correctly. All ORENSE products are made from natural and organic ingredients. We do not sell products that cannot be made through these raw materials. Excessive exposure to harmful components can cause disturbances in the body's autonomic nervous system. If you apply our products regularly, it helps with the balance of the autonomic nervous system and improves the natural healing power (immunity). Later, you can tell the difference in how your body reacts to chemical products. In fact, almost all components of our products are naturally decomposed, minimising damage to the environment.


Yan & Dan